Open Positions in machine learning and signal processing 

OpenStax Team

Current Research Group

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Research Group Alumni - Postdocs

  • Gautam Dasarathy | 2016-2018, PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Postdoc at CMU, now Assistant Professor at Arizona State University
  • Salman Asif | 2014-2016, PhD from Georgia Tech, now Assistant Professor at UC-Riverside
  • Phillip Grimaldi | 2014-2015, PhD from Purdue University, now Research Director at OpenStax
  • Ankit Patel | 2013-2015, PhD from Harvard University, now Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine
  • Eric Chi | 2013-2015, PhD from Rice University, now Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, NSF CAREER Award
  • Mohammad Golbabaee | 2013-2015, PhD from EPFL, now Research Associate at University of Edinburgh
  • Divyanshu Vats | 2011-2014, PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, now Quantitative Researcher at 2Sigma
  • Thomas Goldstein | 2012-2014, PhD from UCLA, now Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Sloan Fellow, DARPA Young Faculty Award
  • Jianing Shi | 2011-2013, PhD from Columbia University, now at Zap Surgical
  • Christoph Studer | 2010-2012, PhD from ETH-Zurich, now Assistant Professor at Cornell University, NSF CAREER Award
  • Aswin Sankaranarayanan | 2009-2012, PhD from U. Maryland, now Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, NSF CAREER Award
  • Arian Maleki | 2010-2012, PhD from Stanford, now Assistant Professor at Columbia University
  • Jarvis Haupt | 2009-2010, PhD from University of Wisconsin, now Associate Professor at University of Minnesota, DARPA Young Faculty Award
  • Volkan Cevher | 2007-2009, PhD from Georgia Tech, now Associate Professor at EPFL, EU ERC Award, IEEE SPS Best Paper Award
  • Petros Boufounos | 2008-2009, PhD from MIT, now at MERL
  • Chris Rozell | 2007, PhD from Rice University, now Demetrius T. Paris Associate Professor at Georgia Tech, NSF CAREER Award, Sigma Xi Young Faculty Research Award, James S. McDonnell Foundation 21st Century Science Initiative Scholar
  • Dror Baron | 2003-2006, PhD from University of Illinois, now Associate Professor at North Carolina State University
  • Veronique Delouille | 2003-2004, PhD from UCL, Belgium, now at the Royal Observatory of Belgium
  • Rutger van Spaendonck | 2003, PhD from TU-Delft, Netherlands, now at Shell Research
  • Xin Wang | 2001, PhD from Princeton University, now at Bell Laboratories
  • Maarten Jansen | 2000-2001, PhD from KU-Leuven, Belgium, Assistant Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; now Associate Professor at KU-Leuven
  • Mark Coates | 1999-2001, PhD from Cambridge University, now Professor at McGill University
  • Vidya Venkatachalam | 2000, now at Merck Millipore
  • Hyeokho Choi | 1998-2000, PhD from University of Illinois, was Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University
  • Rolf Riedi | 1997-1999, PhD from ETH, Zurich, now Professor of Statistics at Rice University
  • Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau | 1998-1999, PhD from ENST-Paris, Charge de Recherche at CNRS, Lyon, France, now actor, director, and film maker in New York City
  • Jan Odegard | 1997-1999, PhD from Rice University, Associate Professor and Department Chair of ECE at University of Stavanger, Norway, now Executive Director of K2I at Rice
  • Philippe Steeghs | 1997-1999, PhD from TU-Delft, Netherlands, now Department Manager and R&D Scientist at TNO, The Netherlands
  • Robert Nowak | 1995-1996, PhD from University of Wisconsin,  Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, Associate Professor at Rice University, now McFarland-Bascom Professor in Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison, NSF CAREER Award, ARO YIP Award, ONR YIP Award, IEEE Baker Paper Award, IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper Award, IEEE SPS Best Paper Award, ASPRS Talbert Abrams Paper Award, GE Genius of Invention Award, IEEE Fellow
  • Paulo Goncalves | 1994-1996, PhD from ENS-Lyon, France, now Senior Researcher (DR2) at INRIA/ENS-Lyon, France

Research Group Alumni - PhD Students

  • Christopher Metzler | 2018, NDSEG, NSF, and K2I Fellow, now Postdoc at Stanford
  • Ali Mousavi | 2018, K2I Schlumberger Fellow, now at Google in the AI Residency Program
  • AmirAli Aghazadeh | 2017, now Postdoc at UC-Berkeley, Hershel Rich Invention Award
  • Andrew Lan | 2016, Postdoc at Princeton University, now Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Eva Dyer | 2014, NSF Graduate Fellow, Postdoc at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University, now Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech, Allen Institute Next Generation Leader Award, Sloan Fellow
  • Andrew Waters | 2014, Harrianna Butler Award, now Machine Learning Lead at OpenStax
  • Chinmay Hegde | 2012, Budd Award for Best Engineering PhD Thesis, Postdoc at MIT, now Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, NSF CISE Research Initiation Initiative (CRII) Award
  • Jason Laska | 2012, Hershel Rich Invention Award, now at tech startup ClaraLabs
  • Mona Sheikh | 2010, now at Whitehead Institute, MIT
  • Mark Davenport | 2010, Hershel Rich Invention Award, Budd Award for Best Engineering PhD Thesis, NSF Math Sciences Postdoc Fellow at Stanford, now Associate Professor at Georgia Tech, PECASE, NSF CAREER Award, AFOSR YIP Award, Sloan Fellow, Rice Outstanding Young Engineering Alumnus
  • Marco Duarte | 2009, Hershel Rich Invention Award, IPAM Postdoc Fellow at Princeton and Duke, IEEE SPS Best Overview Paper Award, now Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Shriram Sarvotham | 2008, now at Apple doing super secret stuff
  • Mike Wakin | 2006, NSF Graduate Fellow, NSF Math Sciences Postdoc Fellow at Caltech, Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, now Professor at Colorado School of Mines, NSF CAREER Award, DARPA Young Faculty Award
  • Ray Wagner | 2007, now at NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Vinay Ribeiro | 2005, now Professor of Computer Science at IIT-Bombay
  • Nadeem Ahmed | 2004, now VP at AxilPartners, Dallas
  • Justin Romberg | 2003, now Schlumberger Professor of ECE at Georgia Tech, ONR Young Investigator Award, PECASE Award, Packard Fellowship, Rice Outstanding Engineering Alumnus, now Professor at Georgia Tech
  • Ramesh Neelamani | 2003, now at ExxonMobil Research, SEG J. Clarence Karcher Award
  • Timothy Dorney | 2001, now at Texas Instruments
  • Rohit Gaikwad | 2000, Hershel M. Rich Invention Award, Budd Award for Best Engineering PhD Thesis, now Broadcom Fellow
  • Roger Claypoole | 1999, now Professor at Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Matthew Crouse | 1999, Budd Award for Best Engineering PhD Thesis, IEEE Signal Processing Society Junior Best Paper Award, now hedge fund manager

Research Group Alumni - MS Students

  • Indu Manickam |2019
  • Ryan Burmeister | 2018, now with the US Navy
  • Dante Soares | 2014, now at OpenStax
  • Manjari Narayan | 2011, now PhD student with Genevera Allen in Rice Statistics, Google Anita Borg Scholarship
  • Stephen Schnelle | 2011, now at Northrop-Grumman
  • Sriram Nagaraj | 2011, now at Indian Institute of Sciences
  • Matthew Moravec | 2008, now at Rice University
  • Ryan King | 2007, now at WesternGeco
  • William Chan | 2006, now at CGGVeritas
  • Sridar Lavu | 2004, now at NVIDIA
  • Brent Hendricks | 2000, systems architect for Connexions until 2006
  • Metin Bayram | 1996, now at TrellisWare Technologies

Research Group Alumni - Selected Undergraduates

  • Venkat Chandrasekaran | PhD from MIT, Postdoc at UC-Berkeley, now Professor at Caltech, NSF CAREER Award, Jin-Au Kong Dissertation Prize for the best doctoral thesis in Electrical Engineering at MIT, Young Researcher Prize in Continuous Optimization at the 4th International Conference on Continuous Optimization of the Mathematical Optimization Society
  • Laura Balzano | PhD from U. Wisconsin, now Associate Professor at U. Michigan, Best Dissertation Award from the U. Wisconsin ECE Department
  • Shannon Hughes | NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD from Princeton, now Assistant Professor at UC-Boulder
  • Maya Gupta | NSF Graduate Fellow, PhD from Stanford, Associate Professor at U. Washington, ONR Young Investigator Award, PECASE Award, now at Google